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What is

QuickCart is an easy-to-use self-checkout solution for grab-and-go markets using Clover POS. Users simply scan products to add them to their cart and can check out in just seconds using a Clover Flex terminal on the kiosk. 

There is no easier way to add self-checkout to your location and it works seamlessly with Clover.  All of the Clover inventory and prices are synced to the kiosk, so you never have to enter your data twice. Any barcode you add to Clover is scannable on the kiosk.

  • Corporate Breakrooms
  • Hospital Food Service
  • Hotel Markets & Gift Shops
  • Semi-Attended Retail

Micro Market Self-Checkout

QuickCart and Clover POS make an ideal solution for Micro Market operators.  Easily load and manage your inventory into Clover and instantly make it available on the QuickCart Kiosk – no additional programming or setup required.

With an easy-to-use online management portal, you can quickly brand the user interface with your logo and color scheme.  Plus see helpful reports on kiosk usage to identify your peak times of day or days of the week. Everything you need to effectively run a Micro Market in a corporate, hospitality, or transportation setting.

Ideal for Grab & Go

Increase your profits with QuickCart by offering your customers a quick and easy experience for grab-and-go self-checkout. If your café or restaurant offers convenient grab-and-go options for your customers, QuickCart is the perfect way to offer a frictionless self-checkout experience. Scan… Pay… Go… It’s just that easy.

Supercharge Your Hotel Market

Properties running thin staffed often lead to front desks having to be temporarily unattended while addressing other guest issues during off-peak hours.  QuickCart solves all these problems and enhances your guest experience through convenient self-service.  Guests will purchase more when they don’t have to wait and your staff can instead focus on what they do best – serving your customers.

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