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Menu Setup Consultation


Two Hour One-on-One Consultation


When you need help – we are here for you.  A Menu Setup Consultation connects you directly with a Clover Ordering Kiosk expert for up to two hours of one-on-one assistance in making your menu setup optimized for customer self-service.

The Clover Ordering Kiosk uses your existing Clover POS to drive all the menu items, modifiers, and prices that customers see on the screen.  This is great because if you make a change to pricing in your Clover POS or remove an item from your menu, this is automatically reflected on the kiosk – super simple.  However, sometimes your existing menu, as setup in the Clover POS, isn’t optimized for customers – it’s setup for your employees.  We can help make sure you are setup for the best self-service ordering experience. We review your menu setup and can provide recommendations on tweaks and changes to your Clover POS setup for the best results.  We will also help you configure suggestive selling to maximize your revenue and review how to use images to maximize engagement.