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New Feature: Pay at Counter

The latest feature enhancement to Ordering Kiosk is a perfect fit for any restaurant that needs the benefits of self-service ordering but still has customers who prefer to pay cash. The new Pay at Counter is an optional feature that can be turned on via your Commandpoint admin portal. When enabled, customers will see a “Pay at Counter” button appear when they reach the kiosk’s payment screen. If a customer chooses to pay at the counter, the order is suspended in Clover, waiting for payment. The kiosk will print a receipt for the customer but with a bold “PAY AT COUNTER” at the bottom. The transaction is then completed at your counter via your Clover Station or other Clover device. Once paid, the order will fire to your kitchen printer or display on your KDS* with the customer’s Order Number or Name still displayed. 

*Note: Orders placed via Ordering Kiosk are widely compatible with most KDS systems. However, because these are 3rd party applications in the Clover App Market, Ordering Kiosk cannot certify or warrant their functionality.