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How to Purchase the Solution

Getting started with Ordering Kiosk is easy. Just follow these steps and soon you will be experiencing all the benefits of modernizing your restaurant with self-service ordering!

Step one.

Purchase the Samsung Kiosk Bundle. The kiosk bundle is a Clover product and can only be purchased through your Clover sales representative. The bundle has everything you need to get started, including special cabling and a custom mount designed for the Clover Flex 3. If you need a new Flex 3 terminal, your Clover representative can provide this as well.

Not yet a Clover customer? Click HERE to get started.

Step two.

Once you order the Samsung Kiosk Bundle, it’s time to get the Samsung Ordering Kiosk app in the Clover App Market HERE. You will then be taken to a registration page. Click “I Need A Commandpoint login” and complete the form. You will receive an email from our customer support team with the details to get logged into Commandpoint and sync your menu. It’s best to do this step BEFORE your kiosk arrives.

Step 3.

Now that your kiosks are on their way and you have signed up for the Samsung Ordering Kiosk App, it’s time to sync and setup your menu. Start with the Software Setup Guide from our Setup & Support page HERE.

If you need any help getting your menu optimized for self-service ordering, no problem, our team of experts are here to help you maximize the customer experience to increase average ticket size and promote your key items with suggested selling. Lean more HERE.

Step four.

Once your kiosk arrives, it’s easy to setup. You can go from unboxing to taking orders in about 20 to 30 minutes by following the Hardware Setup Guide HERE or watching our setup video HERE.

If you have any questions during the setup process or encounter an issue, our USA based technical support team is here to help. Just call 402.323.6390 or email anytime.

Current Clover Customer?

Talk to your Clover Representative to purchase the Kiosk Bundle. Then get the Samsung Ordering Kiosk App HERE.

Not a Clover Customer?

Get in contact with Clover
to sign up first.