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Why Ordering Kiosk?

More Orders | Lower Costs | More Profits

For new and existing Clover POS customers, The kiosk is an all-in-one solution that automatically imports your entire menu from Clover. Most restaurants have the kiosk up and running in under an hour.

Keep your line moving and orders flowing. The easy-to-use touchscreen interface is simple for customers of all ages and, with suggested selling enabled, usually results in higher average sales per order.

With affordable kiosk hardware, a low monthly cost of only $79 per kiosk, and the ability to reallocate your workforce more efficiently, many restaurants realize an ROI in less than eight weeks. 

Product Overview

As a Clover customer, there is no easier way to add self-service ordering to your restaurant.  The Ordering Kiosk by Nanonation, allows you to focus your team on producing and delivering more orders.  Let the kiosk do the work of order taking and free your team to be providing fast, efficient, and friendly customer service.

The kiosk brings together three best-in-class solutions to deliver you a seamless solution for your restaurant. The kiosk itself is a Samsung KM24A Kiosk – built for the self-service environment the kiosk is an enterprise-grade solution that will stand up to years of use in your restaurant.  The software that drives the kiosk is created by Nanonation, one of the top providers of interactive kiosk solutions.  And finally, the Clover POS system you already use is the heart of the solution.  You never have to recreate your menu or manage content and prices in multiple systems. 

See What An Ordering Kiosk Can Do For You

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The Hardware

  • 24” commercial touch screen with antimicrobial coating
  • Countertop and floor stand options
  • Clover Flex 3 payment terminal
  • Uses standard 3-1/8” thermal receipt paper

The Software

  • Connects to and pulls your menu directly from your Clover POS system – ensures that your items and pricing are always in sync
  • Pulls item images from Clover, or you can add your own
  • Orders show on your KDS or print to your kitchen printer just as if they were placed at your counter
  • Easily turn categories, menu items, or modifiers on/off on the kiosk via a web-based tool
  • Add your own content, promotions, and specials to the attract loop ( the content that runs when the kiosk is not in-use)

Latest Ordering Kiosk Updates

Stay up-to-date with the most recent announcements and feature updates for the ordering kiosk by regularly checking our Latest Updates page about advancements to enhance your ordering experience.

The Ordering Kiosk for Clover is a product brought to you by Nanonation, a software development company with more than 23 years of experience in creating successful kiosks and other digital applications. With over 100,000 units deployed over the past two decades, Nanonation’s platform brings proven reliability to your restaurant. Ordering Kiosk is built upon an enterprise-class content management platform and supported by a team of kiosk experts. The all USA-based support team is available for live support to assist you with any issues you may encounter.