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Kiosk Hardware

Before making a purchase here, please be sure to check with your Clover representative, they can often provide you a better price and bundle the kiosk and Clover Flex 2 hardware together. If you are not able to source the kiosk hardware from your Clover representative, then you can purchase the same kiosk bundle and optional floor stand here. All hardware is shipped directly from a Fiserv facility to your end location.

IMPORTANT NOTE: In addition to the kiosk hardware, you MUST also purchase a Clover Flex 2 terminal for each kiosk. This can ONLY be purchased from your authorized Clover representative.

Kiosk Bundle

This bundle provides you all the hardware you need to get a self-service ordering kiosk setup in your restaurant, except for the Clover Flex.  The Clover Flex 2 must be purchased from your authorized Clover representative separately from the kiosk.

Floor Stand

Place your ordering kiosk nearly anywhere with this 36.6″ high stand with a sturdy weighted base.

Requires purchase of the Kiosk Bundle.