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Profit Booster AI for Ordering Kiosks

A suite of AI-driven tools aimed to help you generate more revenue

These AI Enhancements will transform your ordering kiosk experience, from crafting enticing menu descriptions to attracting more users and providing the right upsell suggestions to every customer.

Suggestive Selling on kiosks leads to an average increase in ticket size of 20.3%, and our new Smart Suggestive Selling feature makes prompting for suggestions as easy as one click!

Suggestive Selling on kiosks leads to an average increase in ticket size of 20.3%

Smart Suggestive Selling

Maximize your revenue with AI Suggestive Selling. Providing upsell suggestions to your customers is a powerful method to boost sales and enhance revenue. Our Smart Suggestive Selling Mode simplifies sales analysis, A/B testing, and product configuration into a single click. Enable the feature to start learning your customers’ purchasing habits and optimize the value of each order.

Encouraging additional kiosk purchases through Suggestive Selling has shown a 20.3% boost in the average order value. With our latest Smart Suggestive Selling feature, prompting customers for suggestions is as simple as a single click!

Smart Attract Loop

Attract more traffic to your kiosk with engaging content. With just one click, this feature automatically creates a visually attractive loop using the images you already have for your menu. It’s a time-saving solution that maximizes your kiosk’s visibility and impact!

AI-Assisted Descriptions

Generate language to help make your menu items more attractive to customers. Descriptions help customers choose when ordering from a kiosk. A well-written description can get a customer to order more or higher ticket items than they would otherwise. 

The AI Assistant will take information about your restaurant, the item name, and any information you give it, such as key ingredients in the item, and use AI to generate a text description. You can quickly tweak the description or run the assistant again to get a whole new description at any time.