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Profit Boosting Ordering Kiosks

Supercharge revenue and efficiency: Elevate ticket sizes with AI-powered upselling while reducing labor costs. Experience a 28% revenue increase and optimize staff allocation for maximum profitability.

Ordering Kiosks Designed to Work with Your POS

The Orderpoint platform is built for reliability and flexibility. It will quickly connect to any point of sale system and payment processor.

Effortless ordering, unmatched reliability.
Profit Booster AI
Artificial intelligence tailors suggested add-ons to maximize profitability.
POS Connect
Seamless integration to any point of sales system.
Kiosk Management Services
Enterprise class reliability, reporting, and monitoring.
Intuitive interface for fast and accurate orders.

Profit Booster AI

Maximize Your Profits with AI Insights

Profit Booster AI helps restaurants maximize profitability by suggesting the add-on items most likely to be added to diners’ carts and by using the most impactful advertising on the kiosk attract loop. The AI intelligently analyzes data from Ordering Kiosk sales and performs A/B testing to maintain maximum revenue per order

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POS Connect

Seamless Integration

Orderpoint’s cloud-based platform includes seamless integration with major POS providers and loyalty programs. Our open architecture gives our in-house development team the ability to rapidly integrate new third-party applications and POS systems to our Ordering Kiosks. We support most major kiosk manufacturers, peripherals, and operating systems.

Kiosk Management System

Dependable Kiosk Infrastructure

Our Ordering Kiosks include Nanonation’s enterprise-class monitoring tools and network infrastructure.  These tools are responsible for maintaining maximum uptime for tens of thousands of kiosks throughout North America. We monitor the kiosks in real-time and support this robust technical foundation with a live, USA-based, support team


Attractive Design That Drives Results

Our expert team of user interface designers employ their years of experience with public space interactive solutions to ensure the Ordering Kiosk interface is optimized for diners of all ages. Combining practical experience and cutting-edge design principles, we’ve created an intuitive interface through which a diner can place their order with the fewest touches possible.

Unmatched Technical Support: Our Competitive Edge

Our in-house support team offers live technical and menu support 24/7 with an average answer time of less than 30 seconds. This professional team has the tools to resolve 99% of issues during the call and are supported by a nationwide network of technical experts if on-site service is required

24 Years of Experience Delivering Restaurant Technology

We earned our first restaurant customer in 2000 and integrated with our first point of sale system in 2006. Since then, we’ve deployed tens of thousands of kiosks and digital signs worldwide.
Our in-house user experience and development teams have employed over two decades of experience to create a kiosk that is easy to use for people of all ages.

Converted over 350 Arby’s locations in under 30 days

Work with over 600 restaurant brands

Work with national brands like Arby’s, Chobani,
Sharetea, and more.

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